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August Summer Support

During August, new and returning customers accessed our support to help further their

employability skills and progress into employment through our range of one-to-one support, group sessions, and courses.

In total, The Learning Shop has supported 22 individuals in one-to-one support sessions covering CV writing, Interview Techniques, and how to navigate the Bluewater Jobsite and application process. The Learning Shop are proud to announce that to date, one customer has already found themselves in full-time employment within the shopping centre, and another has several interviews lined up after receiving personalised support from our staff.

A further 20 individuals have been supported through our group workshops, including our Over 50's support session which was tailored to help mature jobseekers navigate the modern day job market and gain the skills and knowledge to confidently apply for work within Bluewater. Our recruitment team also delivered insightful information regarding opportunities for employment within the centre as well as having a Next representative deliver an employer Q and A to the customers on the session.

Our August Visual Merchandising course saw 8 customers receive certification and an understanding of the history of Visual Merchandising, in-store layouts, sightlines and prime selling spaces - including how to effectively use themes and heights within window displays, and other insightful knowledge to pursue careers within retail.

Out of all the customers we have supported throughout the month of August, 9 returning customers eagerly accessed a variety of provisions to help support their progression in finding suitable employment for themselves within Bluewater.

The Learning Shop look forward to welcoming customers in September and continuing to deliver personalised and professional support.

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