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Christmas is fast approaching! What workshops are happening in December?

Christmas is fast approaching, and The Learning Shop is in the full festive spirits! The tree is up, decorations are hung and Buddy the elf is welcoming us every morning with a surprise!

Christmas time is all about happiness, which is why we try and spread positivity and happiness to each one of our customers!

Janet, our trainer, has been very busy recently providing her services to as many people as possible in the lead up to Christmas! One to one CV sessions have been very popular in helping individuals with their job search! We love to see our customers leaving the shop with a smile on their face and we will continue this into the New Year!

What workshops are happening in December?

Before the Christmas break fully begins, we have some amazing workshops at The Learning Shop. These would benefit people looking for new experiences, looking to gain new skills and ultimately get a job!

On the 12th of December we have our ‘support into retail and hospitality’ employment workshop, where you will learn how to write a successful CV, interview techniques and how to use our job site! You will leave this course feeling prepared and positive for upcoming interviews and job applications!

We also have our ‘introduction to visual merchandising’ workshop on the 13th of December! This course is perfect for creative individuals looking for a job in the fashion industry, or individuals looking to gain new and up to date skills to add onto their CV. In this fantastic workshop you will learn about; the history of visual merchandising, design principles and you will use your new knowledge and create your own display!

We have had some wonderful reviews for our visual merchandising course! Rebecca exclaimed ‘The Learning Shop is very welcoming. The visual merchandising course has taught me to be more creative and ambitious, I feel prepared for upcoming interviews now!’

We hope you can benefit from our services and leave feeling happy like Rebecca! Get in contact with us today to book any of these sessions and courses, we would love to see you there.

Please help us spread the positivity and happiness this Christmas with engaging with our posts and blogs. We want to help as many job seekers as possible!

Go into 2024 feeling prepared for your upcoming adventures!

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