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Top Marks for Ann

Ann attended our Employability Training in August 2021, covering key topics for finding work at #Bluewater, including effective CV and interview techniques, first impressions and online assessments.

Ann was very communicative, confident and inquisitive – and was responsive to all advice given to the group during the course. After attending the course at The Learning Shop, Ann received one to one CV support with our trainer Janet, and Ann took onboard suggestions and amended her CV to be Bluewater ready.

Ann then attended a jobs fair at The Learning Shop later in the month, to which she took her updated CV along and had the confidence to approach prospective employers, including Marks and Spencer.

We are thrilled to report that Ann was then offered a job as a Customer Service Assistant with Marks and Spencer, Bluewater.

"Even though I had been out of work for a while, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn't lose hope because I knew something good would still come my way. And so I just brushed myself up by attending the August 2021 Retail Skills/CV updating training at Bluewater and the August 2021 Bluewater Jobs Fair, and it was through the job fair that I landed my retail Job. I am very grateful for everyone that helped me along the way."

We wish Ann all the best in her new role! You can find out more about our Employabilty training here or book an appointment for support with your CV here.

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