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Great news for Glen

Glen attended our #CSCS course in September 2020. He was due to start work after the CSCS programme, but unfortunately the employer couldn’t wait for him to get his CSCS card. The position required a CSCS card holder straight away and so they employed another person. Glen was worried as he is a dad to 5 children and needed to find work. Denise, our Business and Skills Advisor, told him about the construction worker vacancy with #HanglooseAdventure that had just been advertised with The Learning Shop and shortly after, he applied and was interviewed for the role. Glen had the relevant skill set required, having previously worked on the Olympics site and other large projects. The employer saw Glen and offered him one of the positions, a 3 year full time contract, which he started at the beginning of October 2020!

We are so pleased for Glen and he was very happy with the result!

“Very happy with the course and with staff as well. Would recommend to anyone!”

Get in touch to find out more about our CSCS programme and how to book your space.

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