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A Hangloose Adventure

You may remember Glen from one of our previous posts. Glen attended our October #CSCS programme in need of employment as his previous job offer had fallen through.

#Hangloose where recruiting at #Bluewater for carpenters with a CSCS card to help construct the zip wire and he was put forward for an interview at The Learning Shop after passing the CSCS course. 4 months later we are so pleased to report that he is still happily working for Hangloose and has made it a family affair, as his brother now works there too!

This picture shows Glen moving one of the large pieces of wood around the nature trail at Bluewater Lakes to the build site. It was a two man job to add to the build. They try to move at least 4 a day from ground level to the tower above the cliffs and with over 30 to move, it sounds like a challenge!

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