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Cameron's Choice

During his time working as an Assistant Manager at one of Bluewater’s retail stores, Cameron became a regular at The Learning Shop, often using our vacancy advertisement services and interviewing space when recruiting for his store. During his time working with The Learning Shop and developing connections within our team, Cameron became familiar with our employment support options, so when the time came for Cameron to progress within his career, he chose to reach out to us for some advice.

We were more than happy to support Cameron and began discussions about his options as well as offering advice tailored to his experience and aspirations. After these conversations, Cameron began his search for new employment. He liked how easy it was to navigate our jobsite and filter his search to better reflect his needs and felt it was “easier than going through the employer”.

Cameron’s job search was short lived as on the day his CV was handed to an employer, he was offered an interview with them, resulting in Cameron receiving a job offer! We are delighted to hear that he chose to accept, and we wish Cameron all the best within his new role!

Click here to find out more about the employment support we can offer.

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