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Bridging the Gap can contribute to a full careers programme including subjects such as; CV writing, communication, interview techniques and many more.

As a recruitment company we have many opportunities within Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and Construction. We have based the information we present on surveys with our employers and employees that we work with.

We will work with you to produce a formative assessment of the group when creating your programme to ensure individual needs are met.

Each subject will be linked to careers, for example: Behaviour, communication and punctuality presented in school and within the workplace and how they are identical.

As a recruitment company we work closely with employers and employees which means we can give fully researched information on what is required from both parties.

When the programme is delivered here at The Learning Shop Bluewater they have an opportunity to experience work places in Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Tourism an office.

As a part of North Kent college we have access to higher and further education pathways that students may want to explore as the next step in their career.

The programme has been written specifically with young adults in mind, offering them the employability skills to bridge the gap between school and employment.
We received good news stories from the schools regarding the concentration of pupils who are now passing their exams. Tutors have noted a positive change in behaviour as a result of the programme and pupils have sourced and gained sustainable part time employment.
Our course can be completely tailored to your needs. You can choose each subject to compile a course that is completely bespoke to you.

Subjects that can be covered include:

Introduction to employment
School VS work
Misconduct/Gross misconduct and consequences
First impression
Time keeping and appearance.
Verbal, vocal and non-verbal
CV writing
Interview techniques
Teamwork, personal effectiveness and Team roles
Personal strengths and weaknesses
Identifying customer expectations and customer types
Job roles in retail and career paths
Career advice and education
Dealing with difficult customers


Cost –¬†we can work with you to create a programme that will suit your budget.

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