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New Start for the New Year

We've received very good news from one of our previous customers. He had been working in the hospitality sector and was looking for a #careerchange.

He attended an interview at The Learning Shop with a Bluewater employer in October and Denise stopped to chat to him while he was waiting to be interviewed for a construction vacancy. With no experience in that sector, but with a willingness to learn, Denise explained to him about our #CSCS programme and invited him to attend our November 2020 programme if he didn't secure a position as a result of his interview. He kindly shared his story with us:

"I attended a job interview at The Learning Shop at Bluewater, when Denise introduced herself and was asking about me and my circumstances. She told me about possible opportunities if I completed a course to get my CSCS card. She was very helpful, encouraging and friendly. In the time leading up to the course I was able to look and find a job that required the card. When I arrived for my first day of the course, the centre was very clean and tidy and in general a nice building. They had very clear instructions and requirements due to the current COVID situation, which made me and the other fellas on the course very comfortable. They guy taking the course (Roy) was very good. He clearly had a passion for what he was teaching and wasn't just regurgitating what he was reading out of a book. There were only a few of us on the course due to restrictions, but everyone passed and was very happy. When the course had finished, they sorted out the ordering of the card which came to my house a few weeks later, which was extremely helpful. I am now working full time for Taylor Wimpey on a building site, with just this contract alone being 10 years of work. Thank you to Denise and Roy for all the help. Keep it up!!"

Contact us to find out how you can book a space on our CSCS programme!

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