For creative individuals wanting to pursue a retail career in Visual Merchandising, and for those with an eye for fashion or design. Designed to provide an introduction to the topic of Visual Merchandising, the course will encourage you to think creatively and commercially about retail space, providing an insight into store window design and effective in-store displays. Suitable for all abilities and levels of experience, we welcome you to come along, have a go and have fun.

Course overview

Day 1:

• History of Visual Merchandising

• In-store layouts, sightlines and prime selling spaces

• Using heights within window displays

• Tools and equipment

• Effective use of graphics and signage within displays

Day 2:

• Benefits of Visual Merchandising as a tool for trade

• Shop fronts and incorporating architecture as part of a display

• Key principles of window display design

• Colour palette analysis

Day 3:

• Visual Merchandising calendars

• Mystery shopping and Bluewater window analysis

• Seasons and fashion trends

• Planograms

The typical structure of each day is set out as follows:

Morning to Lunch (with time for a 20-minute morning coffee break):

– Theory/information – (e.g. understanding the background and history of Visual Merchandising)

– Looking at recent case studies

– Mini practical activities

Lunch Break (1 hour)


– A practical task using Visual Merchandising tools – such as mannequins, clothes rails and designing your own window display.

What will I gain from the course

This course will:

– help to build your portfolio of Visual Merchandising work.
– provide an insight of the history of visual merchandising, creative display design and working in the retail industry.
– offer opportunities to meet other creative individuals, share ideas and learn together.
– train within The Learning Shop, a leading provider of education and training in Kent.
– provide you with support, CV advice and employment opportunities within retail and hospitality at Bluewater.
– present you will a certificate, upon completion of the course.

What facilities we have.

Here at The Learning Shop, we have a medium sized room filled to the brim with props, clothes, mannequins and materials to create a perfect window design. Not only that, but we also have a large wall partition and fixtures, which can be designed by the learners, putting those creative skills to use.

What will I need to bring.

1) A pen and pad.
2) A camera to take pictures of your work.

Tutor Information
Janet utilises her managerial and training experience to support learners in Visual Merchandising and other services within The Learning Shop. Having over 15 years’ experience as a Retail Manager, Social Enterprise and Training Manager this has given Janet a real insight into the retail industry, staff tutoring and career progression support!

A picture of Janet, she has mousy brown hair and is wearing a floral shirt

The Learning Shops own Visual Merchandising

Course changes due to Covid 19

Course Duration: 1 hour online sessions

Cost: The cost per candidate is £5 per session 

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