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CV Writing Service in Kent

On average it takes an employer 30 seconds to decide whether or not they like your CV! The importance of a good quality CV cannot be understated which is why The Learning Shop has developed a brand new CV Writing course suited to your needs. The Learning Shop has consulted with local employers from Bluewater, Gravesend and London, to ensure that the advice and guidance we give you when composing your C.V is professional, realistic and most importantly more likely to get you the job you are looking for.

CV Writing Service Kent

  • The training is usually delivered on a one-to-one basis but can be delivered to small groups
  • The Learning Shop team have a broad range of experience in recruiting and are able to give you a fair and reasonable insight on your CV from an employers’ point of view
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Duration – 1 hour

Cost – £20 Funding available; if you’re aged 20+ it may be FREE (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Why not combine both C.V Writing and Interview Technique Courses? Save £10 buy both for £30 


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