Primary partner for 20 years for the Learning Shop Bluewater helping thousands of local people find work.

Clarion Housing Group

Working with us since 2018 to develop our pioneering Constructing Futures Programme which has already helped hundreds of people into work in the construction industry’

Department Of Work and Pension

Partner at The Learning Shop for 20 years helps run onsite recruitment operations

Porchlight –

A charity that helps people with homelessness, housing, education and employment, and their health and wellbeing.

Referring customers into our programmes and we also deliver employability programmes off-site to their homeless clients.

Shaw Trust – Working with us since 2018, Referring into our employability programmes

St Mary’s steering Group – Working with them since 2016 to offer support to get local people into work.

The Education People – Working with people with mental and physical disabilities, referring into our employability courses since 2015

Mind – Working with them since 2016, referring into our employability programmes, and raising awareness of mental disability. A key part of helping Bluewater achieve level 3 disability Confident.

CXK is a charity that provides a range of services to help people to develop the skills and confidence they need to find work, education or training.

We have been working with them since we started 20 years ago, referring NEET customers to all of our programmes.

Open Road – Referring Ex-offenders into our programmes.

Prince’s Trust – Working with them since 2012 initially as part of the original Get Into programmes

Gingerbread – referring lone parents into our programmes

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to our partners in supporting us and our vision.