An email sent to us from Kent Supported Employment after helping a customer to work in Bluewater!

Hi The learning shop,

I referred a young man with autism to your service as he wanted to find employment at Bluewater. Max can struggle to communicate and finds social situations difficult. I thought the three-day employability course run by The Learning Shop would be ideal for him to learn about the shopping mall, what employers are looking for, how to tailor his CV and learn interview skills specifically for that market.

I supported Max for the first hour as I was concerned he may find the new situation difficult but Janet, the Tutor, made him feel welcome and I could see he would be well supported. I checked with Max and he was happy for me to leave as he felt confident and happy.

Max completed the course and also had a one to one session for advice on tailoring his CV for the Bluewater job market.

We attended the Hospitality Job Fair on the 13th September and spoke to various employers including Incentive who are the Bluewater Management Service. Max impressed them and was invited for an interview.

I am delighted to say Max has been offered employment as a Guest Service Host, which is his first ever paid job role.

Max is delighted to be working at Bluewater.

This is a fantastic example of partnership working and I would like to pass on our thanks for the support your team have provided Max and KSE.

We look forward to working with you again and helping us support our clients to fulfil their goals.

Kind regards,

Kent Supported Employment

Our prestigious Spirit of Bluewater course for employers and employees at Bluewater only.
– Nice to be shown the theme behind Bluewater and the heritage behind the years its been open.

– Relaxing and enjoying morning

– Insightful – Discovered things I never knew about Bluewater. Interesting and well presented

– really interesting about the design/ architecture of Bluewater

We just want to say a huge thank you to everybody’s kind words.