When people come to us at The Learning Shop we get asked a lot of the same questions, Here are some of the main questions that we get asked and our answers:

The answer to that is unfortunatly not, we do everything online. To get a job in Bluewater click on the pink button on the home page that says ‘Jobs at bluewater’, find a job you like and click apply. It’s as simple as that!

Once you have clicked on the pink button and found a job you would like, click the apply button you will then be taken to a page that will make you register your details i.e. email address and postcode. Once you have registered and made a username and password you will then be able to apply for jobs, it will then require you to upload your CV and may ask you a few questions, once you have done that, click apply and you’re all done.

If you are finding that you aren’t being successful and aren’t being invited to interview you may be having trouble with your CV, in which case we can help you with this. We provide a CV advice and guidance sessions for people, To do this you will need a CV in electronic form i.e. emailed to yourself or on a pen drive, This means we can look through what you are sending out and change anything that needs it. This service is free to anybody over the age of 20 and hasn’t already accessed a course with us within the last year, otherwise, it will be a £20 fee.

The main roles we have at Bluewater are within retail and hospitality, we have a few in leisure. They can be full-time and part-time.

Yes, that is what our computers are put here for, we also provide printing and photocopying services for a small fee.

Make sure that you read the advert really well as some of them have keywords in them of EXACTLY what they are looking for, and you want to be that person so make sure you talk about those keywords and skills.

Try to make sure you’re as professional as possible i.e. CV wise and appearance wise.

Try not to panic in an interview situation, remember the interviewer has been in the same situation as you before.

A picture of an animated lady dressed in office attire, with for people holding out CVs infront of her