Retail Works: A Pre-Employment Training Course

Employability Courses at Bluewater Kent

The Learning Shop not only has a direct link to the Bluewater recruitment, but we aim to inspire our customers to go on a personal journey. We use a mixture of delivery styles and activities to keep customers engaged. We try our upmost to nurture each customer to enable them to excel whilst putting them in an environment where they can grow in confidence.

Brand Awareness: Logos & Company Slogans

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Taking a close look into the reasons why it is important for any company to have a strong logo and slogan, and the impact they can have on their business.

Body Language & First Impressions

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Looking at different types of body language and facial expressions that are useful at the interview process and the work place. Taking a close look at stereotypes and equality and diversity surrounding our first impressions of people and the importance of them only being a FIRST impression.

CV Writing

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Our CV workshops offer guidance on CV writing techniques. Our staff have a broad range of experience in recruiting and are able to give you a fair and reasonable insight on your CV from an employers’ point of view. We will work with you to either create a CV or alter your current CV that makes you stand out and gives you a competitive edge.

Health & Safety

Retail Works Health and Safety

Looking at employee’s rights and responsibilities surrounding Health and Safety, first aid in the work place and how they can actively reduce accidents in the work place.

Competitor Activity

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Taking a close look at competitors and seeing the difference between brands and the similarities. We look at target customers, the service provided, visual merchandising and appearance and the team. We also complete mystery shopping on a chosen brand.

Interview Techniques

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You will learn techniques to control interview nerves, key preparation techniques to help to perform to your strengths and the importance of creating a good first impression. You will be able to ask and answer convincing interview questions and prepare yourself for different styles of interview including one to one and group interviews. We also focus on how by going the extra mile you can really shine throughout the interview process.

Team Building

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Covering various aspects of team work by looking at individual roles and responsibilities and how they link together as a team. Doing various team challenges to get used to being in a team and receiving peer feedback.

Job Searching

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Helping with job searches, cover letters, job application forms and working closely with the Department For Work and Pensions to secure guaranteed interviews and sometimes work experience.

“I feel like the course really helped with CV writing and has given me a more in depth look into retail and customer service whilst also being and enjoyable course” – Samantha Winfield

“Great lecturer, friendly atmosphere and helpful advice” – Breanna Banar

“I believe this course was very helpful and a laugh, I’ve learnt a lot from this” – Zuzanka Rabcanova

“I now have retails skills and am more employable for retail stores as I have learnt customer service skills and interview techniques. The lecturer is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and encouraging” – Sian Gunningham