Mystery Shopping

Let us be your customer! The Learning shop uses the team’s extensive retail knowledge to tailor the structure of the mystery shops to meet the needs of the client or business. We have retail skill bases ranging from management vacancies to Visual Merchandising  positions so who better placed to provide you with the feedback you need to ensure your team is delivering excellent standards of customer service at all times.

We recommend that the mystery shop has between 15 to 20 questions that can be broken down into the following headings:


Due to many mystery shops being deemed as opinionated and biased we recommend that closed questions are used where yes or no answers will be given.  Each answer can be then explained by adding comments to ensure that the given response is tailored to each individual business.

There is great flexibility in the programme ensuring that you get the best value and more importantly, the best results. Mystery Shops are charged at £100 for three visits to the business over a three month period. This charge is negotiable dependent upon the size of the project.

We recommend the training solution to be carried out over a five month period. A minimum of three training topics should be chosen. Each training session costs £55 for each attendee. Mystery shops are charged at £100 for 3 mystery shops in the first stage of the process, with the 4th mystery shop given free of charge.