Bespoke Training

The Learning Shop has used the many years of managerial and industry experience within the team to devise a bespoke training programme that can be tailored to your business. Each of the 7 workshops lasts between 2 – 3 hours and can be taken independently or as a combination of a structured team training programme.

First Impressions

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This section includes grooming and uniforms and the initial contact with the customer.


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In this workshop we focus on body language, conversation and telephone skills.


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We look at the importance of team work and specific team roles.

Customer Types

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Here we focus on the three types of customer and learn how to exceed their expectations.

Customer’s Special Requirements

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Here we look at various customer types such as mobility, the elderly, children, disabilities and cultural differences.

Dealing with Problems and Complaints

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This section focusses on negotiations and de-escalating situations.

Company Specific Knowledge

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This section can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.


Duration: 2 – 3 hours per workshop

Cost: negotiable dependent on size of project

Funding options may be available

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